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Professional AHA Treatment Procedure

Procedure:- 1/Complete Treatment Awareness Form 2/ Double cleanse/ Remove Make-up 3/ Using Quadaction AHA peel exfoliant, lightly exfoliate and remove with warm compress. (optional depending on clients skin sensitivity) 4/Apply Fruit Extracts Pre-Prep using a cotton pad over face and neck and allow to dry 5/Using a mask brush apply a light film of Formula Professionelle 25 or 35 to face and neck. Leave on for 2-8 minutes. ( Check client is comfortable, a tingling/ stinging sensation is normal but if a reaction is occurring, remove staright away) Remove with warm compress. 6/Using a mask brush or cotton pad apply Fruit Extracts Neutralising Gel or wipe over the face with cool damp sponges/ compress to soothe and cool the skin. 7/Optional- Apply AHA Nourishing Repair Masque. Leave up to 10 minutes, remove with warm compress. 8/Moisturise 9/Advise client to stay out of direct sunlight for 12 hours. Please enquire about a Client Peel Agreement Form