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  • MIRA Homecare Skincare Device

    From LA LUER the Multi-Functional Skincare Device....The MIRA

    Advanced Dermal Technologies: Fuses the markets most advanced skincare technologies to target a multitude of skin concerns ranging from blemishes and uneven skin tone, to appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    A complete 4 step facial routine in 20 minutes.

    4 Treatments with 6 technologies in one hand-held portable device to LIFT, TONE, DETOX and INFUSE.


    Maximum Skin to Tool Contact with one of the largest bases featuring an ultrasound probe, 6 premium stainless steel microcurrent and Radio Frequency probes, and 28 LED microchips (Red, Blue, Green) MIRA is designed to perform. 


    6 Technologies- LED Light (Blue, Red, Green) Ultrasound, EMS Microcurrents, Radio Frequency, Galvanic Infusion, Sonic Pulsations.


    Comes with 1x pot of Hyaluronic Conductive Gel 57g



    Easy To Use: 

    Apply a thick mask like layer of our Hyaluronic Conductive Gel over all treatment areas.

    Simply hold the power button for 5 seconds to power on. Easily navigate through each treatment mode by pressing the power button. Hold the power button for 5 seconds to power off.

    Glide Mira over treatment areas in upwards and outward motions towards ears. Apply more gel if necessary.

    Go through all 4 treatments for a comprehensive facial, or custom tailor your own facial regimen by focusing specifically on your mode of choice.

    Wireless Design: Designed to be used effortlessly at home or on the go, our elegant, compact tool fits in your palm, pocket, purse, or luggage– allowing you to facial whenever and wherever you want.

    Wireless Charging Port: Wireless charging port is compact and convenient, delivering sufficient charge for up to 10 five-minute facial sessions (50 minutes of usage).

    Automatic Overcharge Protection: Intelligent sensors built into the device signal MIRA to turn itself off once fully charged to prevent overcharge.

    Sleek Handle: Aesthetically designed, the premium grade stainless steel handle allows users to control the strength of currents. For stronger treatments, establish more contact with the handle. For weaker currents, hold the handle on the sides.

    Unlimited Facials: La Luer makes it possible for you to receive professional, high quality facials from the comfort of home. It’s customizable, rechargeable, and can be easily cleaned with a sterile wipe after each use. 

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    MIRA Homecare Skincare Device