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3-in-1 Hair Removal IPL/LASER/YAG Machine.

This machine is a comprehensive and efficient facial care system. It is a multi-functional beauty instrument that integrates the three core technologies of photo rejuvenation, radio frequency skin tightening and YAG laser beauty in the field of medical beauty.

Used for:-
Hair removal: permanent hair removal, including light hair with lighter color.
Freckle removal,chloasma,sunburn,agespots
Rejuvenation: Improves enlarged pores, rough skin, fine wrinkles, and restores skin elasticity.
Treatment of rosacea, facial flushing.
Improve the dullness of the complexion, make the skin fair and even.
Removal of coloured tattoos such as red, brown and brown.
Effectively remove all kinds of eyebrow tattooing
Treatment of pigmented skin lesions and mixed pigmentation, such as age spots.