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MAMMI Breast Screening Device sells into India

Surgical Supplies are proud to announce the purchase of a MAMMI PET Breast Screening Device into India.

Dr.Gurushankar chairman of Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre is passionate about the importance of early screening and detection of breast cancer and is very excited to be able to offer this high resolution screening system.

This technology of 3D imaging can detect tumors down to 2mm and reduces false negatives from WBPET and false positives from MRI.

Dr. Gurushankar’s vision is to be able to offer world class healthcare with state of the art technology to save lives by earlier detection. This is the first Mammi unit to be placed in India and soon to follow will be in New Zealand.

We are excited to have Dr. Gurushankar as a customer of Surgical Supplies and helping both New Zealand and India to become more advanced with the latest healthcare technology.