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d3 turorial on Plantar Fasciitis

Date post: 28 July 2020

d3 Strapping technique for Plantar Fasciitis.....

Hand Sanitisers get recalled for containing Methanol, a toxic ingredient to the skin

Date post: 27 July 2020

For hand sanitiser to be effective it needs to have 60% or more alcohol content.
A deadly ingredient has caused recalls in hand sanitisers in the US containing Methanol.

The challenge is you have a lot of hand sanitisers that don’t tell you the percentage of alcohol, or they use buzzwords like ‘instant hand sanitiser’ or ‘extra strength’ which don’t actually mean anything. The most important thing is to check the ingredients.

In New Zealand, the word alcohol on the ingredients list can be labelled as ethanol – another form of alcohol.

Make sure you check before you buy.

Our Arbre hand sanitiser is 70% alcohol, gentle on skin with a lovely lemon scent. With a bonus of a stylish pump bottle.


Date post: 15 July 2020

Official statement from Clinical Health Technologies regarding the effectiveness of Clinisept+ against Coronavirus.

Proven to be highly effective in killing all enveloped viruses including Coronavirus in under 15 seconds.

Navigator Training at Ormiston Hospital July 2020

Date post: 15 July 2020

Surgical Supplies Business Development Manager Lokesh doing a presentation at Ormiston Hospital with a group of Hospital Nursing Staff on The Navigator.

The Navigator system is used in radio-guided surgical procedures, primarily for lymphatic mapping and tumor localisation.

d3 Products Now Available

Date post: 08 July 2020

Surgical Supplies welcome d3 products onboard.

Their range of dynamic products that support all people in all sporting and recreational pursuits and those with active lifestyles or requiring specialist support.

CLINISOOTHE+ For Tattooing and Micropigmentation

Date post: 02 July 2020

CLINISOOTHE+ For Tattooing and Micropigmentation

Green soap and Aftercare all in one.....For Skin cleansing, for wiping away and for a great customer aftercare product.


Date post: 24 June 2020

CLINISEPT+ SKIN PREP AND PROCEDURE- Award winning Protecting and caring for your skin before, during & After. Highly effective cleansing to provide antimicrobial protection and effective in reducing the appearance of redness and swelling, providing a cooling sensation to treated skin.
It contains a proprietary hypochlorous solution.


Date post: 05 June 2020

'MarginProbe' technology uses radio-frequency (RF) electrical fields to probe the tissue in order to identify any cancer that may be remaining on the surface of the tissue removed from the breast. A surgeon can test the margins and decide if more tissue needs to be removed.
Research shows that women whose surgeons used the MarginProbe System during lumpectomy were 56% less likely to need more surgery compared to women whose surgeons did not use the MarginProbe System.

Shockwave Therapy Device

Date post: 18 May 2020

This modern and highly effective treatment helps to relieve pain, regenerates damaged tissue and offer mobility restoration.

A non-invasive treatment which generates a mechanical pressure wave, which is transferred to the human body by an applicator head and which radiates out in the tissue


Date post: 07 May 2020

NZ Post, Courier Post and other delivery agents are experiencing huge volumes of packages due to the Level 3 situation which is causing delays in deliveries and tracking updates. We ask that you please give the couriers an extra 2-5 working days for North Island deliveries and an extra 5-10 working days for Rural & South Island deliveries.