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Christmas Gift Idea's at Wholesale Pricing

Date post: 20 November 2020

Looking for some idea's for Christmas?

We have made some of our popular gift idea's available to everyone at wholesale pricing. Such as the Ella Bache Skincare gift kits, Marine Collagen Skincare, Hair and Nail Drinks, Eyelash Growth Serums and Mascara and the latest Ella Bache Suncare protection creams.

Check out the website for products.

The DermaSensor- Skin Cancer Evauation Simplified

Date post: 05 November 2020

Primary care providers need an objective tool that evaluates skin lesions for the risk of Cancer.

DermaSensor is turning 10 years of research into a device that solves that need. 99% of all skin cancer is curable if detected early. This handheld device has the potential to equip frontline providers to quickly and effectively check for all common types of skin cancer.

Gastroclub Presentation

Date post: 24 October 2020

Sales Representative Lokesh attending The Gastroclub to present The exclusive Gastro product range- Apollo Overstitch Endoscopic Suturing system and Orbera Intragastric Balloon.

BeautyColl Marine Collagen Drink- NOW AVAILABLE

Date post: 20 October 2020

Award winning skincare drinks containing bio available collagen marine peptides, combined with food grade Hyaluronic acid for increased hydration specially formulated with a range of 100% of your daily NRV (nutrition reference value) skin loving vitamins.

Long4Lashes Eyelash Serum and Mascara Introductory Offer

Date post: 12 October 2020

Long4Lashes is NEW into New Zealand....

This "bestseller" range of Eyelash Growth Serums have become an Oversea's hit for women who want longer, thicker, fuller and healthier eyelashes within 3 weeks.

As a promotional "OFFER" if you buy The FX5 Power Formula Serum 3ml, you will receive the Enhancing Mascara 10ml FREE

NEW FOR SUMMER...Ella Bache's Sportsbloc Great SPF50+

Date post: 28 September 2020

A 4-hour water-resistant cream for face and body that provides broad-spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays. Enriched with nourishing Lanolin and Cocoa Butter, highly regarded for their moisturising and hydrating benefits. To keep your skin looking and feeling great, the lotion has a light dry finish and contains no colouring agents, parabens or mineral oils.


Date post: 23 September 2020

New Innovative Product.... The DermaSensor, Your new standard of skin cancer care.

A handheld, point-and-click device that assesses skin lesions for cancer risk in under 30 seconds.
DermaSensor uses pulses of light and elastic scattering spectroscopy to assess a lesion’s cellular and sub-cellular structures.
Simple Design and Effortless Application....
Light-emitting tip gently and painlessly touches the surface of the skin and receives cellular and subcellular data from below the skin surface.
Precision optics within the tip capture pathological irregularities from a skin lesion as small as 2.5mm. Provides an instant “Higher Risk” or “Lower Risk” result using DermaSensor’s proprietary algorithm.

AVAILABLE SOON- Long4Lashes Eyelash Growth Serum

Date post: 17 September 2020

Long4Lashes Eyelash Growth Serum Advanced formulation with nourishing ingredients to stimulate length and volume of your eyelashes within weeks.

NEW Bluetooth Healthy weight monitoring scales

Date post: 06 September 2020

Introducing our new bluetooth body fat scales that measures water content, muscle/ bone mass and calories. Download the scales App to monitor your health from your smart phone or device.

Clinisept+ Podiatry

Date post: 26 August 2020

Clinisept+ Podiatry delivers powerful cleansing and antimicrobial foot care protection. A game changer by the worlds leading podiatry professionals.