Surgical Supplies Ltd

Ella Baché Retail Range- Now available to the public to purchase at recommended retail price

The story of Australia’s largest skincare franchise network. Our philosophy of personalised skin care has been with us from the very beginning. We were created by Madame Baché in Paris, 1936, a revolutionary cosmetic chemist who believed just as we are genetically different, the same holds true of our skin. Her skincare philosophy was based on the belief that "because no two skins are alike", every client’s skin is uniquely individual. Her immense passion for skin care has laid the foundations for who we are today. We’ve carried forward Madame Baché’s philosophy of individual skin care, to provide skin diagnosis and personalised skin solutions so you get exactly what your skin needs to restore it to perfection. PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME ITEMS MAY NOT BE IN STOCK AND IF PURCHASED ONLINE THEY WILL BE SENT OUT AS SOON AS AVAILABLE WHEN THEY ARRIVE. IF THE PRODUCT BECOMES UNAVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE WE WILL REFUND.