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PAL Surgical Instrument System


Code: PAL-5020 System

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MicroAire Surgical Instrument System - consists of: 5020 Standard Electric Console, PAL-650 Power Assisted Liposculptor Devise, 5006-PAL Cable, CAP-600E Washer Disinfector Cap, PAL-500 Liposculptor Sterilization Case.

MicroAire PAL 5020 Power Assisted Liposuction-The PAL® System from MicroAire Aesthetics is a patented surgical instrument system used for fat harvesting and body contouring.

PAL® has very real benefits over other liposuction products:It uses no heat or ultrasound energy, so the fat cells are just as healthy and viable as cells harvested using manual liposuction.It uses reciprocating motion that is designed to pass easily through tissue, especially fibrous areas, which makes procedures more efficient. Kelly has checked already and removed prices and ability to order online

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