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In the last ten years Surgical Supplies has become one of the prominent suppliers within New Zealand’s public and private healthcare systems. We understand that our people are our strength and will continue to invest in them with training and resources.

Latest News

Sentinella- Radio Guided Surgery

Date post: 19 May 2019

A unique and innovative system to detect sentinel node in the operating room, evaluating possible extensions to lymph nodes, enabling the identification of sentinel nodes outside of conventional nodal chains.

MAMMI Molecular Breast Image

Date post: 17 April 2019

When it comes to Breast Cancer detection, precision is the key!

The MAMMI dedicated PET- Real 3D images, High Resolution down to 1.6mm, No breast compression.

Loving the new website guys. So easy to order, with lots of great products. Well done.

- Annie -

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