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In the last ten years Surgical Supplies has become one of the prominent suppliers within New Zealand’s public and private healthcare systems. We understand that our people are our strength and will continue to invest in them with training and resources.

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LED Photodynamic Therapy Lamp

Date post: 15 September 2019

BREAST CANCER PATIENTS- Having Radiotherapy Treatment

Recent research has shown Photon therapy may be especially beneficial for breast cancer patients by minimising damage to nearby tissue, reducing inflammation, promotes cell regeneration and collagen production.
Acute skin reactions are one of the most common side effects of radiation therapy, and by using a LED Photon therapy red light operated at 660nm on the treated area from Radiation therapy can prevent skin damage and discomfort for the patient.

3-in-1 Hair Removal IPL/LASER/YAG Machine.

Date post: 24 July 2019

This IPL/LASER/YAG Machine is used for hair removal, pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal.

Loving the new website guys. So easy to order, with lots of great products. Well done.

- Annie -

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