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PRP Procedure Kit with Biotin


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PRP has become a popular treatment for hair restoration.

Biotin helps your hair follicles grow larger and healthier to accelerate hair production. PRP stimulates the follicles to move from a telogen or dormant stage, to the anagen or growing stage, thus the hair begins to grow again. Utilizing both Biotin and PRP at the same time ensures optimal hair restoration results.

PRP Biotin Single Use Kit Contains:

  • 2 x 10ml PRP tubes
  • 1 x 2ml syringe
  • 1 x 5ml syringe
  • 1 x 13mm 27G needle
  • 1 x 28mm 27G needle
  • 1 x 80mm 21G needle
  • 1 x needle holder
  • 1 x connector

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