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MAMMI Molecular Breast Imaging Dedicated PET Device


Code: FP-0203

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High technology to every breast cancer patient.

The Mammi is a dedicated breast PET with unprecedented clinical resolution able to visualize tumors down to 2 mm, which is essential for early breast cancer detection.It is a non-invasive technique, which, unlike other imaging techniques that only take morphological images, visualizes metabolic activity.

The dbPET technology generates functional images to see what really matters, the breast cellular activity. Its imaging technology can identify small lesions with more accuracy than other conventional techniques. Mammi provides an extraordinary definition and characterization of lesions, active areas of heterogeneous tumours and tumour limits. Ideal to be more specific in the treatments, planning surgeries with accuracy and monitoring the response during neoadjuvant treatments.

The natural prone position, with no breast compression, together with a ring configuration, provides optimum patient comfort, enhances sensitivity and detection of difficult lesions.