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Hallux Valgus Plastic Sling Night Splint - Large


Code: PD0317

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Hallux Valgus Night Splint (Large)

Fits: UK 7.5-11, US 8.5-12, EU 41-41

PAIRA Plastic sling which holds the foot in the correct position during the night, exerting gentle pressure on the HV joint, and preventing a possible worsening of the condition.

The traction must be carried out so that the correction on the deformation of the toe is visible.The corrector is acting effectively when the articulation at the base of the big toe, on being pressed, experiences a slight pain.

Gradual correction of the deviation should be achieved over a prolonged period of time. The unit should not be used in such a way that pain is experienced which prevents resting. 

The HV Night Splint is supplied in pairs.

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