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HK Aspiration Filters 6/case

HK Surgical


Code: AF-6

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HK Aspiration Filters 6/case

The HK Aspiration Filter filters the air and extends the life of your aspirator or suction device.It can protect the Aspirator by preventing accidental intake of fat into the motor.

The durable body is crack resistant to ensure protection from leakage.

HK Surgical Aspirating Filters are designed to provide superior filtration during surgical procedures. They effectively capture contaminants and particulates to ensure a clean and safe aspirate.

Each filter is sterile and intended for single use, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and maintaining high standards of hygiene.

The HK Aspiration Filter is compatible with the HK Aspirator and other suction and aspiration pumps on the market. 


  • HK Aspiration Pump (AP-III)
  • Baxter Canister (BC)
  • Baxter Liner (BL)

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