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PICASSO® Specimen Radiography System


Code: PICASSO® Specimen Radiography System

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PICASSO® Specimen Radiography System

KUBTEC's PICASSO® Specimen Radiography System is the latest and most comprehensive solution, with superior imaging quality and a large active imaging area.

Superior Imaging Quality - PICASSO is specially designed to provide superior 2D image quality, with crisp, high-resolution X-ray images, by using the same technology found in best-in-class 2D mammography systems.

Large Imaging Area - Access the largest active imaging area for a 2D-only system available for OR (6x8 inches) as well as the greatest magnification (2.5x) for detailed examination of a wide range of clinical specimens.

HD Optical Camera - Captures detailed optical images, enabling you to visually orient your specimen accurately, in real-time.

The Image Blender™ - Combines optical and X-ray images for the most comprehensive view of the specimen’s anatomy.

Voice Control - Innovative speech recognition technology allows you to operate the system without breaking scrub.

Automatic Specimen Alert - Notifies you if a specimen is accidentally left inside the system.

Integrated Gamma Probe - Access GammaPRO software directly on PICASSO, enabling voice control and eliminating the need for a tablet.