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Chin Strap

Medical Z

Code: INT051

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Chin Strap Size 1 Head Circumf. 18.0' to 21.0' (46-53cm)

Originally devised for the treatment of scars for burn victims, Medigel scar management gels now have a wider range of usage for surgeries that includes aesthetics, orthopedics and podiatry.

Utilizing the same technology used for Medigel Z®, The Medipatch Gel Z® was introduced.

One of the advantage of is self-adhesiveness for repetitive applications. In addition to it’s scar treatment properties.

Medigel Z® is proven to have more elasticity and is guaranteed for 12 weeks.

Protects scar site against chafing, can be used in conjunction with compression garments.

Expands and conforms to patient movements, Economical, last 3 to 6 times longer than silicone sheets.

Studies implemented in rehabilitation center specializing in acute burn treatment have proven that Medical Z® products had good or excellent results in 75% of cases.

Medipatch Gel Z® has been constructed from the same technology as the Medigel Z® , offers the advantage of self adhering to various body surfaces and has been proven superb in repetitive usage without losing its adhesive properties.

Medipatch Gel Z® is available as transparent or lined with fabric. It is available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate various anatomic surfaces.

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