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Filaprop, 5-0, 19mm, 90cm, CU, 3/8, Blue - PPL508010 Premium


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FILAPROP Polypropylene suture initially elicits a minimal inflammatory reaction in tissues followed by a gradual encapsulation of the suture by fibrous connective tissue. It is neither absorbed, nor subjected to degradation or weakening by the action of tissue enzymes.FILAPROP is recommended for use in wounds where the least possible suture reaction is desired as it is relatively biologically inert. Being a monofilament suture, FILAPROP has been successfully employed in surgical wounds which may in due course become infected or contaminated and thus minimizing sinus formation or suture extrusion. It is an effective pull-out suture due to its lower adherence to tissue.For enhanced performance, FILAPROP Polypropylene suture comes with specially curated needles to enhance the pass efficiency and overall outcome of the surgery.

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