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Adson Dressing Forceps - 5.2cm


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Miltex *Adson Dressing Forceps 15.2cm delicate, cross serrated 

The 6-129TC Adson Dressing Forceps with a length of 15.2cm, delicate cross serrated pattern, and Tungsten Carbide (TC) inserts are specialized surgical instruments used primarily in delicate surgical procedures. Here's how they are typically used:

Tissue Handling: Adson Dressing Forceps are commonly used to grasp and manipulate delicate tissues during surgical procedures. The delicate cross serrated pattern and Tungsten Carbide inserts provide a secure grip on the tissue, allowing surgeons to handle it with precision and control.

Wound Closure: These forceps are often used during wound closure procedures, such as suturing, to hold the edges of the wound in place while sutures are being placed. The delicate design and precise grip make them suitable for use in fine and intricate surgeries where precision is crucial.

Dressing Application: They can also be used to apply and adjust dressings on wounds. The delicate cross serrated pattern and Tungsten Carbide inserts aid in holding the dressing securely in place during the application process, particularly in delicate areas where standard forceps may be too bulky or imprecise.

Microsurgery: Due to their delicate design and precise grip, Adson Dressing Forceps with Tungsten Carbide inserts are suitable for use in microsurgical procedures, where extreme precision and control are required. They may be used in procedures such as neurosurgery, ophthalmic surgery, and plastic surgery.

Dermatological Procedures: Dermatologists may use Adson Dressing Forceps with Tungsten Carbide inserts for various dermatologic procedures, including skin biopsies, excisions of skin lesions, and other delicate surgical procedures.

Overall, the 6-129TC Adson Dressing Forceps are versatile instruments commonly used in delicate surgical procedures where precision and control are paramount. Proper sterilization and handling procedures must be followed to prevent infection and ensure patient safety.

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