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Cottle Rasp 20.3cm backward cutting


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Cottle Rasp 20.3cm backward cutting

A Cottle rasp is a specialized surgical instrument primarily used in rhinoplasty procedures, which are surgical operations to reshape or reconstruct the nose. Specifically, the Cottle rasp is utilized for nasal bone reshaping and contouring.

The rasp features a backward-cutting design, allowing surgeons to precisely sculpt and smooth the nasal bones to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome. It is typically 20.3cm in length, providing sufficient reach and control during the surgical procedure.

Rhinoplasty surgeons, particularly those performing open rhinoplasty procedures, commonly employ the Cottle rasp as part of their surgical instrumentation. By using the rasp, surgeons can refine the nasal bone structure, correct deviations, and enhance the overall appearance of the nose, thereby addressing both cosmetic and functional concerns for the patient.

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