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Curette Excavator


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Curette Excavator,  13cm Single Ended, Extra Small, 1mm diameter

The Miltex 40-57/0 is a surgical instrument known as a "Hemostat." Specifically, it's a Kelly Hemostatic Forceps. Here's how it's typically used:

Clamping: Hemostats like the Miltex 40-57/0 are primarily used for clamping blood vessels or tissue during surgical procedures to control bleeding. They have a locking mechanism that allows them to maintain constant pressure on the vessel, which helps stop blood flow.

Tissue Handling: They can also be used to handle delicate tissues during surgery, such as grasping and maneuvering tissues or sutures.

Dissection: In some cases, hemostats are used for tissue dissection, particularly in procedures where precise manipulation of tissue layers is required.

Foreign Body Removal: In emergency medicine or minor surgical procedures, hemostats can be used to remove foreign bodies from wounds or tissues.

Suturing: Surgeons may use hemostats to hold sutures in place or assist in the suturing process by providing traction on tissues.

The Kelly Hemostatic Forceps, like the Miltex 40-57/0, have a distinctive design with curved jaws and serrations that provide a secure grip on tissues or vessels without causing excessive trauma. They come in various sizes to accommodate different surgical needs. Proper sterilization and handling procedures are essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of these instruments in surgical settings.

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