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Feilchenfeld Splinter Forceps - 7.6cm


Code: MH6-316

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*Feilchenfeld Splinter Forceps 7.6cm

The MH6-316 Feilchenfeld Splinter Forceps, with a length of 7.6cm, are specialized surgical instruments used primarily for the precise removal of splinters, foreign bodies, or other small objects embedded in the skin or soft tissues.

Dermatologists often use these forceps for various dermatologic procedures, including the extraction of ingrown hairs, small cysts, or other superficial skin abnormalities.

Overall, MH6-316 Feilchenfeld Splinter Forceps are versatile instruments commonly used in medical settings for the precise extraction of small foreign bodies or splinters embedded in the skin or soft tissues.

Proper sterilization and handling procedures must be followed to prevent infection and ensure patient safety.

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