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Micro ADSON Dressing Forceps 12.1cm serrated tips, 0.5mm wide


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Micro ADSON Dressing Forceps 12.1cm serrated tips, 0.5mm wide

The Micro ADSON Dressing Forceps with serrated tips and a width of 0.5mm are typically used in medical settings for delicate procedures requiring precise handling of tissues, dressings, or other small objects. Here are some common uses:

Suturing: These forceps are often used to hold and manipulate sutures during surgical procedures. The serrated tips provide a firm grip on the suture material, making it easier to handle.
Dressing Changes: They can be used to hold and manipulate dressings during wound care procedures. The delicate serrations on the tips help grasp the dressing securely without causing damage to the wound or surrounding tissue.
Fine Tissue Handling: In microsurgery or other delicate procedures, these forceps are useful for handling small tissues or delicate structures with precision.

It's important to sterilize these forceps properly before each use to prevent the risk of infection or cross-contamination. Additionally, always follow appropriate medical protocols and guidelines when using any medical instrument.

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