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PodiaSpray Pododent EVO


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PodiaSpray Pododent EVO


The lightweight and compact housing makes the PodiaSpray light and flexible for daily use.

Modern, high-quality components such as the new handpieces Pododent Evo from dental technology and brushless micromotors from NWT make it easy to work every day.

This is the new PodiaSpray, which can be quickly set up and stowed away.

Key Features:

The minimalist design of the PodiaSpray makes it compact, elegant, robust, easy to handle, transportable and clean.

The PodiaSpray is equipped with a numeric display keyboard. Simple and intuitive, and very easy to clean with a disinfectant wipe, for a perfect and hygienic working environment.

The PodiaSpray is equipped with autoclavable or non autoclavable handpieces, with or without light. All our motors and handpieces are based on dental technology.

The handpiece can be easily placed in its holder on the side of the unit at any time without the risk of falling.

The PodiaSpray has an external plug-in power supply and a speed control pedal, which allows the user to control the speed of the handpiece with their foot.

Thanks to the innovative design, assembly and dismantling are problem-free, in less than 1 minute, light, comfortable, ergonomic.

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