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B-Lite® MESMO® Opticon® AS


Code: B-Lite® MESMO® Opticon® AS

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B-Lite® MESMO® Opticon® AS

B-Lite® is the world's first and only lightweight breast implant. It is specifically designed to reduce the long-term unwanted impact of implant weight and pressure on the breast tissue.
B-Lite® lightweight implants are up to 30% lighter than traditional implants.
They exert the sme pressure on the lower pole as traditional implants that are half the size.

Our experienced surgeons are recommending B-Lite® MESMO® for primary augmentation patients especially for patients with less than optimal breast tissue or those whose lifestyle would especially benefit from lightweight implants.

MESMO® - A fine microtextured implant surface combining the benefits of both smooth and textured implants. The capsular contracture rates for MESMO® implants are extremely low.

B-Lite® MESMO® Opticon® AS -Anatomical Projection and Short Base - Sizes Available:

  1. Short Base with Moderate Projection
  2. Short Base with High Projection
  3. Short Base with Extra High Projection

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