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B-Lite® Microthane® Replicon® AR


Code: B-Lite® Microthane® Replicon® AR

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B-Lite® Microthane® Anatomical® AR

B-Lite® is the world's first and only lightweight breast implant. It is specifically designed to reduce the long-term unwanted impact of implant weight and pressure on the breast tissue.
B-Lite® lightweight implants are up to 30% lighter than traditional implants.
They exert the sme pressure on the lower pole as traditional implants that are half the size.

Microthane® is the proprietary name for POLYTECH's micro-polyurethane foam covered surface. This unique surface acts as a 3D open pore matrix functioning as a tissue scaffold. It allows for tissue ingrowth into the implant coating. This surface is known for it's reliability and has demonstrated very low rates of capsular contracture, not only in primary augmentation, but also in two stage expander implant reconstruction, even with radiation.

The ideal implant for a patient where the surgeon wants to quickly get control over implant stability. B-Lite® Microthane® implants are designed to: • Act as a ‘tissue scaffold’ • Facilitate tissue ingrowth and integration to enhance implant stability • Minimise capsular contracture and reduce seroma • Deliver stable, predictable and long lasting results that provide beautiful natural looking breast

Microthane® Replicon® AR -Anatomical Projection and Round Base - Sizes Available:

  1. Round Base with Moderate Projection
  2. Round Base with High Projection
  3. Round Base with Extra High Projection

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