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Premium Face Sheets (Horse Shoe) - 100/Pack

Surgical Supplies

Pack of 100

Code: OT0071

$19.00 NZD
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These Premium face sheets are the same size as the Budget, but are made from ‘spun lace’ fabric, for a softer, more plush sensation, they are a pleasure to lay on and, again, does not leave the ‘dimpled’ imprint.  

These face sheets are also pliable, water resistant and strong. These premium face sheets come in a horse-shoe shape, allowing the edges to fold neatly into the face hole, further protecting your client’s face from cross contamination.

This design is also wonderful for those clients who are somewhat claustrophobic with the smaller circular face hole cut-outs.

This design allows the client to have more space for their face and to breathe easier from the prone position.They look professional and hygenic and your clients will appreciate the attention to detail.Contents:100 per pack, Size is 34.5 cm x 23 cm

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