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Sterile Nail Care Instrument Set


Box of 10

Code: PD0713

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Nail Care Instrument Set.

Box of 10 Nail Care Instrument sets.

This single-use package is a cost-effective solution for foot care practitioners, featuring three items that focus on the comfort, condition and hygiene of the patient’s nails. Each set is individually wrapped and sterile, making them easy to transport and store, as well as cutting down on wasteful packaging.

The boxes open via tabs for easy access and the clean branding ensures they look appropriate for your clinic. The layout of the box adds flexibility to your workflow by allowing you to use what you require when you need it, removing the need to clean and prep reusable items.

The single-use design also eliminates the risk of cross-infection, improving patient safety, while also reducing the wear and tear on your hands and wrists. This compact kit is an all-in-one solution for nail care with convenience and efficiency in mind.


  • All-in-one solution for nail care
  • Eliminates risk of cross infection
  • Removes the need to clean and prep items
  • Lightweight design makes all items easy to store and handle
  • Individually wrapped, sterile and ready for use

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