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Navigator 2.0 Wireless Gamma Probe System

Dilon Technology


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    Navigator 2.0 Wireless Gamma Probe System Comprises of:
    • Navigator 2.0 Control Unit Assembly
    • 2 bay battery charger
    • 2 batteries
    • Wireless Lymphatic Mapping Pilot Probe 

    The Dilon Navigator is a gamma probe system used in radio-guided surgical procedures, primarily for lymphatic mapping and tumor localization.

    The Dilon Navigator is commonly used for lymph node mapping, tumor localization, and staging cancer in minimally invasive surgical procedures. It’s a valuable tool for surgeons to precisely locate tumors during surgery.

    The key features of the Dilon Navigator 2.0 are:

    1. Wireless: The system uses state-of-the-art wireless probe technology, allowing for optimal placement in the operating room without the limitation of power cords.
    2. Accuracy: The system provides exceptional accuracy with no signal delay.
    3. Instant Power “ON”: There’s no need for probe tethering or calibration before use; the system is ready when you are.
    4. Extended Battery Life: The battery-operated control unit offers 10+ hours of continuous use.
    5. Sterilizable Probes: The probes are compatible with most common low-temperature sterilizers. 

    Download the latest Navigator brochure -  Navigator-Brochure_-10-2023.pdf

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