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Sirius Pintuition Seed 12cm (pack of 10)

Sirius Medical

Pack of 10

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Sirius Pintuition Seed 12cm (pack of 10)

These seeds are part of a localization system designed to assist surgeons in accurately locating and excising tumors or other abnormal tissue.

Uses and Applications:

The Pintuition seeds are implanted into or near a tumor or abnormal tissue prior to surgery.
They act as markers to help surgeons precisely locate the area of interest during the operation.
Commonly used in breast-conserving surgeries (lumpectomies) where precise removal of the tumor is critical.
They assist in ensuring complete excision of the tumor while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible.
The seeds provide a target for image-guided surgery, enhancing the accuracy of the procedure.
They can be used in conjunction with imaging technologies such as ultrasound, mammography, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to guide the surgeon.

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