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Pintuition GPS Detect Complete System

Sirius Medical


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Sirius Pintuition, powered by state-of-the-art GPSDetect™ software, is the only wire-free localization technology designed to provide navigational guidance in an easy-to-use and intuitive system. This Guided Pinpoint Software (GPS) provides real-time directional guidance using audio and visual feedback for unmatched precision to locate tumors more easily and accurately.

Our Pintuition Seed is a tiny yet powerful permanent magnetic seed that accurately marks the tumor and helps with surgical removal from any direction. Our seed is robust and is encapsulated in high-grade, nickle-free biocompatible titanium. It cannot be deactivated, it can be detected in fluid, and it doesn’t lose signal over time.

The Sirius Pintuition Seed can be placed up to 180 days prior to surgery to mark the tumor location. It enables a better patient experience and more flexible approach for both the radiology and surgical department.

More than 50 years after the introduction of wire guided localization, it is now time for a change. In recent years, new devices have been developed that overcome many of the disadvantages of wire localization. Our platform offers a better user and patient experience compared with traditional wire and other lesion localization options.

Simple, Precise, Affordable 

Complete System Includes: Sirius Pintuition GPS Detect Base Console, Probe, and Storage Case. 

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